There were many differences in sperm concentration by the area. 

March 31, 1999


The research team of Teikyo university medical department reported, which they found out that there were regional differences in the sperm concentration by the investigation that had been continued since 1996. They investigated the number of the sperms of 82 healthy men in each two areas.

The number of the sperms in Kyushu area that includes Fukuoka and Kumamoto was two times of Tokyo area. The difference in the number of the sperms spread out as much as an age lowered and this difference was about 3 times in the 20's. Though the cause of the difference isn't clear, scientists point out the possibility that eating habits and environmental pollution are causes.

Mr. Osio instructor of Teikyo university medical department research team said, " We couldn't expect that there would be regional differences like this. These results could not be explained with the influence of the endocrine disrupter of the fetus time. We will have to study them from the postnatal environment side. "



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 Sources; Asahi newspaper