The endocrine disrupters in toys.


April 13, 1999

Sources; Asahi newspaper

The Osaka City consumer center announced an investigation report in April 12. This result showed which the phthalate and the bisphenol-A that are endocrine disrupter chemicals leached from several Plastic-based infant toys.

The center says, " Their chemicals could leach from these toys when the children bit or lick them."

The center investigated Plastic-based teething infant toys that are 21 list of articles with the toothbrush, the trumpet etc, and non-teething infant toys are 21 list of articles with the ball etc.

These toys were soaked in the tepid water of 40 degrees Centigrade for two hours, and they were gave a vibration. After that, the researchers of the center measured their leached amount.

As this result, The researchers did not detect any chemicals in the Plastic-based teething infant toys, but detected the phthalates in 14 list of articles with the Plastic-based non-teething infant toys. And they detected the bisphenol-A in 10 list of articles in 14 list of articles that the phthalates are detected in.

The max leached amount per one liter at the sample liquid in the phthalates was 210mm g and that in the bisphenol-A was 0.62mm g.

Because there are no chemicals list indication in 12 list of articles with the leached products, the center will make a representation to indicate chemicals list in the product toward Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and the Japan Toy Association.

The Japan Toy Association;

Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI);