New regulation in dioxins in soil

Sources: Environment Agency Press News Report in July 14, 1999


The Panel meeting of experts of Environment Agency had provided further insights into New Regulation of Dioxins in Soil for promoting Dioxin Action since May 1999. Because this meeting prepared for a primary report regard to this regulation, Environment Agency officers notified prefectural and city governments, cabinet-order designated city of the interim guideline in July 14, 1999. 

This contents as follows,

(1) The interim guideline value of dioxins in soil 

1,000pg-TEQ/g (PCDD + PCDF + Co-PCBs)

*TEF apply WHO value respectively in 1997

(2)Applicable area of the interim guideline 

residential zone, surrounding pathway of residential zone, stopover, rest area, playing field

(3) Non- Applicable area of the interim guideline 

The area having potential dioxins assaying as landfills of wastes.

(4) The concept of dioxin action in soil 

The authorities concerned choose proper procedure from insulation (molding, planting, pavement) and clarification (dissociation, decomposition).


July 24, 1999 

Offerer: Kenichi Azuma 

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