Government Panel sets Dioxin TDI of 4 pgTEQ/ kg/ day in Japan

Sources: some news media (Asahi, Yomiuri, Nikkei etc), June 21.1999



Ministry of Health and Welfare and Environment Agency officials have set the Dioxin TDI (tolerable daily intake) of 4 pgTEQ/ kg/ day of body weight in Japan. One pg (picogram) is one trillionth of a gram. 

World Health Organization (WHO) recommended criteria had set the Dioxin TDI from 1 to 4 pgTEQ/ kg/ day of body weight in May 1998. 

Currently, the Dioxin TDI is 10 picograms. The experts commissioned by the government showed in their report that "We will have to reduce the Dioxin TDI as much as possible in future."  

With the revision, current guidelines involving dioxins such as the tolerable amount of airborne dioxins from waste incinerator fumes will also have to be revised. 

Some team members who reviewed the animal tests said they found minor effects in the chemical composition of some animals that were exposed to less than 4 picograms of dioxins. The experts said a long-term study on such effects would be necessary.