The Welfare Ministry strengthened the regulation of the concentration construction of the incinerator.

May 1, 1999

Sources; Asahi newspaper


The Welfare Ministry officials said that the incinerators must not be constructed in areas where the density of the airborne dioxins exceeds the Environment Agency's guideline of 0.8 picogram per cubic meter. 

Local governments will measure the concentration of airborne dioxins in areas where it would be highest--between 400 to 500 meters from the smokestack of a planned new facility.  

In an Environment Agency survey conducted in 1997, 14 of 68 air samples nationwide had dioxin concentrations that exceeded the 0.8 picogram guideline.  

The Welfare Ministry officials said clear guidelines and a strict assessment on plans to construct incinerators would be necessary.  

The Welfare Ministry officials they have started discussing a new series of amendments to strengthen the waste disposal law.