The new study for generative defect of the 1-bromopropane.

May 2, 1999

Sources: NHK news,


The researchers of Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine announced the toxic report of male rats that was exposed to 1-bromopropane (CAS: 106-94-5) dose. This chemical substance is used for washing of the part in the electronic product manufactures. 

The incident of poisoning symptom appeared on the woman worker exposed to 2-bromopropane (CAS: 75-26-3) in South Korea in 1995. Since, the industrial manufactures have used 1-bromopropan thought safety in the past. 

The regulated 1-bromopropane was given to the 36 rats. After that, these rats were exposed at eight hours / day and measured the number of the sperms after 12 weeks. 

An experiment result is shown in the following.



Controlled rat (fresh air)

Non- reduction

Exposed rat (400ppm of 1-bromopropane)

About 24% reduction in the sperm number

Exposed rat (800ppm of 1-bromopropane)

About 60% reduction in the sperm number


They said that the borderline of spermiogenesis defect would be 400ppm of 1-bromopropane in rats.