Wall painting in Australia

アボリジニ の 象形文字

According to a theory, aborigine, who are the first inhabitants in Australia, came from South Asia about thirty thousand years ago. Also you can find that it has same meaning as first inhabitants,if you consult a dictionary about aborigine.
They resided in Australia and kept their lives throw hunting,fishing and collecting natural thing. It is said that the whole population of aborigine was about three thousand in ancient times.
In 1770,James Cook,he was famous for his name "Captain Cook", discovered the land of Australia. And in 1778, many people began to emigrate from England. Because they had to reclaim Australia as a colony for exile.The plunderer, English government, treated first inhabitants aborigine as inferior people.they suffered from heavy distinctions and persecutions.
In 19th century, English government was interested in Australia wool, and grow a great many sheep keeping freely in the field. As the result, sheep ate up all of the food and drank water, and aborigine lost most of them.
We know that the British came Australia with their pet, "dogs", and sometimes they gave up feeding them. So the dogs that were thrown away became wild dogs and threatened native animals. Many kinds of rare animals were destroyed by them, for example, mo.a and do.do. (......To be continued.)


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