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The Saami

People of the Sun and Wind

Sweden is lovely Country for me.


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Sweden National Dancers









Where I live we can see these moose and hunters hunt them from Oct. to Nov. ( by Lilian)








A road in Winter




map -north Europe

The Saami

People of the Sun and Wind

We are a people in the northernmost part of Europe. Today our land is divided between Norway,Sweden,Finland and Russia.

We call our land Sa'pmi and we call ourselves Saami. We are not many, perhaps 70,000. Altogether the world's indigenous people number 300 million. As one of many people we want to survive and live our lives.


-The First Inhabitants-

The Saami  people of the Sun and Wind.When the Ice Age neared its end about 10,000 years ago, the first inhabitants settled in Sa'pmi. About 9,000 years ago almost all of Scandinavia was free from ice. At first people settled in the coastal areas. Later, as the ice melted, people moved inland. Those who settled here were hunters, fishers and food-gatherers. People from this epoch did not leave many traces behind them. Nevertheless one can find remains such as hearths and the foundations of dwellings. Arrowheads, stone tools, scrapers and chiseled fragments of stone have been found near these.

by A'jtte-Swedish Mountain and Saami Museum


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