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This home page is for the Koketto Internet Expeditionary Party.

(I created an expeditionary party with a budgerigar captain, Daikichi.)

Hello ! This is Ohjiro !

Scoop!! this is Daichan's MPG file !!!

My saving trip plan<June.30th.1999>

Daichan's snap shot !!(June,20th,1999)

Daichan's "amusement spots" & "necessities of life" (Feb/21th/1999)

Daichan's new secret base was discovered !? (Jan 30th, '99)


Snap shots of a 6-day ski tour in Canada (cost me 99,000 yen !)

We went to Vancouver of Canada and stayed in 8 days as 10th wedding anniversary by 15300 yen (Dec. 25 97)

I often visit to this homepage .  Let's click this site now !

Me & My Budgie - Pictures & Profiles  Tom Svensson from sweden

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