99.11.16 Inventory of Sources of Dioxin in some Nations.
99.10.05 Environmental water quality standard for Dioxin
99.08.20 Research for Dioxins in Breast Milk
99.07.24 New regulation in dioxins in soil
99.06.26 Dioxin TDI of Japan
99.06.22 Government Panel sets Dioxin TDI of 4 pgTEQ/ kg/ day in Japan
99.06.09 The investigation report of dioxin with the incinerator in Nose-cho Osaka.
99.05.02 The regulation of the concentration construction of the incinerator.
99.04.24 The new TDI for the dioxin in Japan.
99.04.22 Ministry to reveal more dioxin data.
99.04.10 Fetuses absorb dioxin in mothers' blood.
99.04.08 Tough dioxin rule forces 2,046 incinerators to shut.
99.03.31 Basic guidelene for Dioxin reduction plan.
99.03.28 The highest level Dioxin was detected in the blood in Japan.
99.03.27 Incinerator workers become first to file dioxin claims.
99.03.23 The high levels Dioxin in Nose-cho.
99.02.20 Relationship between the vegetable kind and Dioxin conc.
99.02.20 The study report in Japanese NIMC about Dioxin etc.
99.02.01 DIOXIN conc in the vegetables grown in Tokorozawa City.
Endocrine Disrupter
99.04.19 The endocrine disrupters in toys.
99.04.09 Endometriosis tops list of women's ailments.
99.04.05 The genital troubles of the spiraled shellfish grow very much.
99.04.01 Many differences in sperm concentration by the area.
99.03.02 The birthrate of the baby boy decreased in Minamata City in Japan.
99.02.11 The endocrine disrupter of the high concentration.
Chemical Substances
99.05.26 Formaldehyde was detected in most wash-and-wear shirt clothes.
99.05.08 The new study for generative defect of the 1-bromopropane
99.03.12 Expultion of the lead (Pb) from soldering.
99.01.19 The article about organic chlorine compounds.
Waste, Recycling
99.03.16 Stability of PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
99.04.23 Alternative cancer therapy found effective


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